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Jackie Grant

Smart and incredibly humble about it, Jackie Grant is a dynamo in foreclosure prevention and blight remediation across Detroit. As Community Engagement/Researcher for Loveland Technologies, Jackie has surveyed thousands of parcels “at risk” of tax foreclosure and counseled countless residents in hopes of keeping them in their homes. She also conducts research on leading nonprofit and community groups across the country to identify best practices for foreclosure prevention.

Prior to joining Loveland Technologies, Jackie established a prominent career in the fine dining and hospitality management industry in metropolitan Detroit and Boston. In 1994, she serendipitously became the owner of

the beloved Money Tree, an upscale restaurant in downtown Detroit. Hardworking as they come, she received a tremendous level of community support for her business until finally closing its doors in 2000.

Jackie received her start in GIS back in 2013 when a neighbor shared information about the City of Detroit’s mapping initiative. As a resident of Detroit for almost 30 years and proud homeowner in Morningside, she always had a keen interest in housing policies affecting her neighborhood. She worked on several land surveying projects, including Data Driven Detroit and Motor City Mapping.

These early experiences informed the ways in which Jackie empowers residents and strives toward a rebirth of our community today. As the Courville Block Club President, she collaborated with neighboring block leaders, to receive thousands of grant dollars for revitalization projects. Jackie previously served on the MorningSide board as the 1st Vice President and as a Project Manager for MorningSide’s Vacant Lot Initiative. She currently volunteers at District 4’s Kitchen Cabinet and is a member of the Tax Foreclosure Work Group, a collaboration between the City of Detroit, Wayne County, several non-profits and Loveland Technologies. Jackie was appointed as MECCA’s 2nd Vice President and also volunteers as a member of the Commercial Committee. She hopes MECCA can be a true instrument of change for our community.

Jackie enjoys reading history, observing the beautiful architecture of the Eastside, walking throughout her neighborhood, and spending time with her friends and neighbors. Her son David serves as the President of his block club on the North Eastside of Detroit. His artist group Detroit Lacquer is responsible for the many beautiful and vibrant public art pieces displayed throughout MorningSide.

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